Chasing Games

Friday, 6 June 2014

Ammo Chase

shoot everything on the track to keep moving forwards

Fly Sui

Catch as many flies as you can with your chopsticks, because each time you kill a fly, precious seconds are added to your time countdown!


If greyhounds could fly, they'd chase hares in the sky! Chase Baron Von Hare round a hectic "flying lap" through the rings.

UFO Recording

Chase all the UFO's and record your sightings through your video camera. You'll get money by just merely recording it so good luck and have fun!


Choose your car, then escape the police as they chase you down. Grab the crate and deliver it safely

Mico Maco

Steer the monkey and eat all bananas and bonuses thrown by the zoo keepers.

Simply Smashing

Convinced she's the only work of art at Foster's, Duchess is throwing a first-class tantrum and threatening to destroy the home's most priceless objects.